The separation of children from their parents either through the dependency or family court system is a traumatic experience.  This separation leads to severed birth connections, and feelings of hopelessness and despair.  The primary hope of these children is that they will be reunified with their parents.  Ongoing interaction between child and parent, barring serious threat of harm or egregious abuse, is statutorily mandated and court ordered; however barriers often prevent visitation from occurring as required. These barriers generally include problems with transportation, case overload, inadequate visitation sites, inadequate visit supervision, and the lack of positive support.  It is the goal of the Cathedral House Visitation Center to assist community based care providers with minimizing and eliminating these barriers, while providing quality supervised visitation.


We Meet These Goals By Providing the Following Services:

  • Supervised visits in a safe, non-adversarial environment where parents and children share quality time.

  • Visits are supervised by Masters and Bachelor level professionals who work directly with the community based provider(s) to identify needs that are to be addressed before reunification.

  • Parent child interaction is assessed and monitored by frequent visitation.

  • Visitation is pre-arranged and transportation is provided.

  • Visits are also made to schools and providers to assess progress/compliance of children and parents.

  • Quality assessments and progress reports will be completed to measure and report compliance and progress to the courts and providers.

  • Tutoring, mentoring, parenting classes, and family counseling are available via Cathedral House associated programs.

  • Services are provided daily - including weekends and extended hours.



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